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Looking For a Web Development Group?

While we develop websites for clients, we do not take every project. Sometimes there are companies that build certain types of websites better than we do. Depending on your needs, we may refer you to a company that can help you more.

SEO Team Building

If you're looking for a Search Engine Optimization company or employee, we can help. You're probably not an SEO expert, and determining which SEO company can help you best is difficult. At Platapult, we know SEO and we can help you hire an SEO firm or employee. We can help to determine your needs, help interview and verify the success or failure of an SEO program. A small cost up front can potentially save you a lot of time and money.

For more information, please contact us.

Platapult launches Continuing with the success of our automotive based websites, we've now added a major domain acquisition to our portfolio. is now live and will deliver industry news, truck show info., client trucks, tech & build articles and much more. We also set up a Facebook company page where you can see recent articles posted to the website.

Platapult launches is a new informational website that we're building out to be a resource to those in the landscaping industry looking for the latest hand and power tools as well as equipment.

We Play In Traffic

Platapult's mission is to help companies improve their website marketing and specifically SEO. Chad Wissmar is the owner and lead strategist with years of experience and success in Search Engine Optimization in the Akron, Canton and Columbus, Ohio areas. We have markets that we serve better than others because much of SEO is content writing. We're used to the automotive aftermarket, interior design, architecture and many other businesses. While we can set strategy for many markets, there may be an SEO firm that we will refer you to because they specialize in your industry. We will do what we think is best for you. Sometimes that means working with us and sometimes another company or individual.

If you are an SEO firm or SEO pro and can prove your success, please contact Chad about setting up an interview to be placed on our referral list. Be aware. We only refer SEO firms and professionals that provide great customer service and show success in SEO.

Search Engine Optimization in Akron, Canton and Cleveland Ohio

Most of our website development and SEO clients are in Akron, Canton, Cleveland and other nearby cities in Ohio. However, we will work with any company that we are suited to helping regardless of location. We have our niche in providing SEO for the automotive specialty products industry and several others. Chad Wissmar is the lead strategist and has worked as SEO Specialist with JEGS High Performance.

Saturation SEO

There may be another name for it, but we coined the phrase, as far as we know. Saturation SEO involves getting multiple websites placed at the top of the search results for appropriate keywords. Because SEO is all about competition for keywords and top placement on the engines, it makes sense to try and dominate the search results with legitimate websites. The more sites you have sitting on the first page of Google, the more chances you have of being clicked on. You're simply directing traffic with the secondary sites. We've had 3 websites owned by the same company on the first page of Google (One site had the main link along with the inset link taking up another spot).

You might think it is a waste of time to build multiple websites. The fact of the matter is, most clients need links coming in from multiple websites with similar content. Good links are often hard to come by. Building secondary smaller content oriented sites with links can boost your main site up the search results. Oh and by the way: Those same sites may rank on the first page of Google along with your main site. This gives you multiple sites taking up space where your competitors would like to be, at the top of the first page of Google.

Website Development

You've found a great resource for website marketing. We may not be the company you end up working with on a website build, but you should talk to us before you decide on a website development team. Platapult refers more website clients than we provide services for. We believe that certain website development companies are best at building certain types of sites. When a potential client comes to us, we may refer them to a company that we feel may do a better job. It depends on the needs of the client and what we think is best for them. We may only handle the SEO portion or planning of the build, rather than the total project.

Can You Verify That Your SEO Strategy Is Working?

There are many ways to run an SEO program and just as many challenges. SEO is highly technical and can be a moving target as search engines alter their search algorithm throughout the year. If you're not sure if your SEO team is on the right track, contact Platapult. We offer reassurance that you are doing the right things to improve your search results, or we suggest alternative directions. Our initial conversation is free.

SEO Team Building

Platapult can help you with your SEO strategy and team in a few unique ways. Chad Wissmar is the lead SEO strategist at Platapult and is a veteran in the SEO world. Having worked on websites of all sizes and in several industries, Chad is the guy you should talk to before you hire an SEO employee or SEO firm. We can help you interview and evaluate SEO candidates.

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If you would like to see some of our website design samples, please visit our website portfolio.